August 9, 2007

Summer Holidays

I am on holidays from work :0) (as of a week ago to be precise, but I have been a tad lax in blogging as of late). Nothing planned specifically - no wondrous trips booked to far distant lands, no great road trips or "touristy" type activities on the agenda. Both the lack of a travel companion and the need to save funds for the house have dictated that this year's summer holls (much like previous years) will be spent in the "Costa del Back-garden" of "Chez Sue".

I deliberately didn't sign up for any overtime at work - unlike my last vacation in March where I worked so much overtime, that when I finally got back to work after my holidays, it didn't feel like I had had a break at all! No, these nineteen days are mine, all mine! (muhaha) To decompress, relax, laze around and basically do sweet F.A.

I do have a "to do" list - just so that I don't go back to work with absolutely nothing accomplished...but they are all menial things. "Sort bedroom closet/hall closet", "go to the library" "detail car", "go to the movies", "weed flower bed" etc. So far we can cross "detail car" and "weeding" off the list. In addition I've been to the hairdresser for a freshen up, made it to the gym every day and even treated myself to a manicure/pedicure/waxing.

Tuesday I went into work, but just purely to pick up my study package for the promotional exam. One hundred and nine pages to be precise. So for the past few days I have set aside a couple of hours a day to go over the material - I find if I sit out on the patio and study I am killing two birds with one stone. Getting a little sun (burn and freckles) and swotting for the test at the same time.

The weather this week has been beyond gorgeous! So my naturally whiter-than-white skin now has a lobsterish tinge, which I am topping up with daily sunless tanner applications. So now I look sort of orangey-red instead of just red...but it's better than nothing. I also decided to use this time off from work to try a detox-colon flush. I wont go into details, suffice to say a week and a half into the 3 week program it doesn't seem to be working so far. Poop - or should that be no-poop? (ahem...pun intended)

With the weekend right around the corner I do have a couple of activities lined up. Toronto is hosting it's "Taste of the Danforth" this weekend, which is basically a street festival celebrating everything Greek - lots of food, music and maybe a little ouzo. Some friends and I plan on hitting the event tomorrow evening, so that should be lots of garlicky fun! Saturday is another pool party - which I am looking forward to seeing as I haven't exactly been out socially since the last pool party June 30th. Hopefully the weather will hold out and I'll actually get some pool time this time!

The boy and I have been back and forth over the whole puppy debate again. He wants one...and deep down I don't, or at least I am not ready for one right now. I still don't know if it's been settled, but for now at least we are agreed we are not getting one right now. (Famous last words until he walks in the door with a ball of fluff I am sure!)

In other news...h'mmm... well there really isn't any other news. I was out at the construction site last week for the first time in almost a month, but from what I could see there was no real change from the last time I was there (hence no photos posted). My love life is still in mothballs. My pride is still smarting a wee bit from the Irish cop-cutie who didn't mind seeing me for the first month (April) ...but then decided the age difference was too great and he would "freak" if anyone found out about us. Ouch! So needless to say I have been feeling a tad "old" in the last little while. Order me up a vat of Oil of Olay/Ulay (funny how it has a different name this side of the pond). My gf J. has been very busy both with work and her own love life lately, so we haven't even been gabbing on the phone as much - never mind going out! Still perhaps it's for the me more time to study for my promotional exam in September.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! :0)


Snowbabies said...

Hi Sue

I think you should get a puppy they bring so much fun into your life!

You never know but you might find a lovely chappie when you do the puppy walking in the park!

Update on the weight loss please, Ive stuck @ 84lbs and nothing else is moving apart from me when its a hours hike after work to get these few extra pounds off - nope aint working!!

Enjoy your holiday and good luck in your exam...keeping me finger crossed you pass....


Lou Lou said...

ulay is now olay back in uk an has been for a few years - can't be precise how many though.

still huni enjoy your break and make the most of it x

moon said...

I have to agree with snowbabies...going to the dog park, or walks makes ppl stop..u never know who u will meet..also the argument of last...about getting that puppy all trained before moving into the new house is a very good one...u want that all done when u move in...besides the obvious...they add so much to your life...but I do suggest a small dog. much easier to adapt...I love all dogs but big ones are alot to handle if u havent had a dog...just my thoughts lol,
Enjoy your time off!!

Jennyta said...

Sun? You have sun over there!!! Enjoy! Here, we're still waiting in the rain for our summer. :(
By the way, what does 'detail the car' mean, please?

JustSue said...

Jenny we need rain so badly!! We've had lawn/garden watering restrictions in place for the past 2 months.

Detail the car: clean the interior, all the nooks and crannies with a Q-tip, shampoo the carpets/upholstery etc.

Jennyta said...

No wonder I didn't know what it means - it's something I never get round to doing! :)