August 18, 2007

Holls almost over...*sigh*

So I am back to work on Monday...and so far haven't made much of a dent on my other things on my "to do" list - but that's OK, this has been a well deserved break. I've made a point of hitting the gym every day and I'm happy with my progress - although the scale is playing a daily game of "gain 1lb...lose 1lb" just to keep me on my toes. I appear to have entered the twilight world of the plateau and I just have to grit my teeth, not lose hope and battle on through it.

I've been studying the package for the promotional exam daily, making copious notes, drinking gallons of coffee and realising that my brain isn't the sponge it was back in my school days. I was one of the lucky ones who never had to study for tests or exams back in school...but it seems with age I now need to learn some study techniques. Any tips from our resident school teacher would be gratefully appreciated!

So what have I been up to? Well last Friday J. , her bf and I hit the "Taste of the Danforth" street festival in Toronto. A celebration of all things Greek - food, drink, music, culture. We had a wonderful time...but as you can see from this pics it was crowded beyond belief!

Taste of the Danforth

Saturday, I was at a pool party with friends, but sadly again it was a tad too cool by late afternoon to tempt me into the water. The food was good however and the company ever better - kinda sad in a way that summer is just about over and this was probably the last pool party of the summer.

Pool party


The traditional "Jello Shot"

Sunday I was photographing sewer pipes (as previously noted), Sunday night I had a date with a guy I have known for a couple of years - but have successfully been able to duck up until this point. He invited me out to watch the meteor shower. Well, we never saw the promised meteors but it was a very starry night and we had a pleasant enough time. I have been avoiding him since as I really don't think we have much in common.

Tuesday was a date of a different kind. A guy I have known for several months...and who plays games like no tomorrow. We agreed to go to the movies...and then he was "incommunicado" from that point on. My response...fine! Screw 'em! And I went to the movies by myself. The Bourne Ultimatum...two thumbs up. Guy in question is deleted from my cell, blocked on msn and can go forth and multiply as far as I am concerned. (The fact he never called is immaterial).

Wednesday I met with an old girlfriend H. for drinks on the patio at a local bar. Our reunion was thanks to Facebook - we had lost touch probably about 10 or more years ago. What I figured was going to be a hour or two bite to eat and quick pint turned into a 5 1/2 hour gabfest. She's now married, with 2 kids (the youngest being a mere 7 weeks old, so this was a big night out for her). We got caught up, marvelled at how well we still got along after all these years, and generally had a wonderful time, promising we'll do it again soon now that we have been reunited. In itself it's not a huge story, except our friendship came along in the most unusual of ways. As we explained later to the bar owner, who came to join us for a drink mid-way through the evening - we both dated the same guy. "Biff" my ex of almost 10 years ago had the unusual habit of remaining the very best of friends with all his exes. My girlfriend was his ex from high school...and again in their mid 20's (he has a tendency to have at least 2 kicks at the can as it were). When he and I got together in the early 90's it was a given that his exes were still a part of his life - in a totally platonic way. I wasn't totally cool with it...but H. and I hit it off like a house on fire. Although the bar owner's comment of "oh so you both slept with the same guy" elicited a chorus of "ewwww's". "Biff" - I am happy to report has married and divorced since our 7 year relationship broke up (to another ex that he re-dated for the second time around) and is now living common-law and is a proud new "poppa" with yet another "ex" who he dated back in the late 80's. We jokingly wondered when my second "kick at the can" was going to happen...but I think I will pass on those sloppy seconds thank you very much!

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moon said...

lol @ kick at the can!...
Isn't it fun to get together with a good friend u haven'T seen in glad u had a good time. I hope u enjoy your last weekend before work starts...hugs gf.