January 7, 2007

Party gal

Friday afternoon I had a makeover appointment with a cosmetician. Funny how they can take over an hour putting all kinds of "muck" on your face. I've always loved a bit of lippy and a bit of eyeshadow, but my god, these women go overboard! Highlighter creams, smoothing bases, concealers and stuff to plump your lips etc. I'd need another blinking mortgage just to cover the cost of it all. I was glad to wash it all off at the end of the day!

Friday evening we started the celebrations off with a nice meal out, the boy and I - his treat! It was lovely to actually sit across the table and have a conversation for once, instead of us being ships that pass in the night between my shifts and his social life!

After dinner I headed off to meet up with J. - I think she's enjoying the fact that I am now joining her in the "Forties Club" far too much! She had my name read out in the "Birthday Bonanza" on the radio - made sure they emphasized the age too. (Witch!) Then she had a gift bag waiting for me, seems she decided to visit an ...erm...."adult store" for my birthday gift and roared laughing as I did a fairly accurate impression of a belisha beacon.
We spent the rest of the evening at a local bar I had never been to before. A little place out in the country, on a back road miles from anywhere - and surprisingly busy.

Out again Saturday - a date of sorts, with a fella I met last summer. Considering we have only managed 4 dates in all this time however speaks volumes - on both our parts - but it was a lovely evening, lotsa laughs and good company.

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