January 18, 2007

Area 51

1. What is your first name?

2. Were you named after anyone?
I have a cousin with the same name, but that wasn't deliberate - just a popular name in the 60's - my mum did say once though that they checked with my Aunt and Uncle first to see if they minded. My middle name is same as Great-Aunt - dunno if I was named after her though.

3. Do you wish on stars?

4. When did you last cry?
Can't remember. Doesn't mean I don't cry often - just means my memory sucks. The boy made me tear up from sentiment with a sweet comment the other day though.

5. Do you like your handwriting?
I used to have beautiful penmanship. At my old job they always came to me to write out special event cards, invitations etc. because I can do Calligraphy. Nowadays my penmanship is atrocious, lack of practice and too much time using keyboards 24/7. At times I even have trouble reading my own scrawl.

6. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Not a big lunch meat fan.

7. What is your most embarrassing CD MP3?
I don't have one - my music tastes are wide, varied and I am unapologetic for that. If someone wishes to look down their noses at my CD collection then they seriously need a life.

8. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Heck yeah! I'd date me!

9. Do you have a journal?
I kept a daily written diary from the age of 11 to 18 - every day, every bit of teenage angst, every crush, every dream was recorded in those pages. A boyfriend found them, read them and I stopped writing - it was such an invasion of privacy. He insisted I throw them away...which I did...foolish, foolish girl. I should have kept the diaries and tossed out the controlling boyfriend (who unfortunately went on to become a controlling husband - foolish, foolish girl). I have been blogging since 2004 - admittedly I have deleted 2 blogs so far - but there are cleansing reasons behind that too.

10. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

11. What are your nicknames?
My understanding is that a nickname is what someone else calls you...not what you call yourself. So usernames don't really count. Growing up I got, Gingernut, Ginge, Duracell, Greebo, Greenie and Grebbles. I hated all of them.

12. Would you bungee jump?
Absolutely! (Although I would like a little coaxing too...but I would definitely be into it).

13. Do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
Very, very rarely. The only laced shoes I have right now are my runners which I wear for the gym, so I do have to put them on and lace them properly, but I always just kick them off without untieing them at the end of my workout.

14. Do you think that you are strong?
Mentally -yes,
Physically - yes.
Emotionally - ummmm.

15. What is your favourite ice cream flavor?
I am not a huge ice cream fan to be honest. In fact the tub I bought at Christmas time (Neapolitan) is still untouched in the freezer. I do like a soft serve cone in the summer time though. Dairy Queen/99 (with the flake!)

16. Shoe size?
I have wide feet so sometimes I can range anywhere from an 8 (runners) to a 9 1/2 depending on style of the shoe...but I have worn size 10 if the shoe was very narrow. Surprisingly, as I lose weight, my shoe size seems to be shrinking.

17. Red or pink?
No preference. To wear? Neither!

18. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?
The fact that I put myself down all the time.

19. What do you miss most?
My mum.

20. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back?
Obviously this was originally an email meme. Nope!

21. What colour pants/shoes are you wearing?
Pale white skin coloured pants...oh wait..those are my legs....hmm, need to shave..No shoes, pink (well they used to be pink...ok dusty pink) slippers.

22. What are you listening to right now?
Nothing. Peace, quiet, the occasional ping from the baseboard heater as the metal expands and contracts. Gentle hum from the lap top. Wall clock ticking.

23. Last thing you ate?
A meal replacement protein bar - brunch!

24. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Firey orange. (who thinks of these questions?)

25. What is the weather like right now?
Current temperature -1 C Windchill -6C Wind coming from the SW at 18 km/hr, cloudy, barometric pressure 102.35 kPa, humidity 69%, Sunrise was at 7:48 sunset will be at 5:10

26. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My date guy. (shriek!)

27. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes, hair, smile, body size, height.

28. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Nobody sent it, I stole it from Zippy's blog.

29. Favourite drink?
Tea or Coffee for non alcoholic choices. Shiraz or Gewurztraminer for wine. Not a big fan of pop unless it's as a mix with alcohol (ie: rum and diet coke).

30. Favourite sport?
To watch? Figure skating, tennis or Show jumping. To do? Most water sports. Will try most things once. Never really was that 'good at games'.

31. Hair colour?

32. Eye colour?
Blue/grey depending on my mood.

33. Do you wear contacts?
Yes. I am real tempted to one day get the laser eye thing done, but I am also kinda freaked at the idea too. Wear my glasses at home and on omg-I-am-too-tired-to-care days.

34. Favourite food?
Never ask a woman on a diet that! At the moment everything looks good. (With the exception of Brussels - gag) In fact, I don't suggest you even sit still around here too long, or I will be eyeing you up and mentally running through my favourite bbq recipes in my head.

35. Last movie you watched?
On dvd: The Black Dahlia. (wasn't that great) and The Covenant (which was pretty good).

36. Favourite day of the year?
I was going to say Christmas morning, but in truth any summer morning, where it's warm out and I can sit out on the patio, enjoy the flowers in my garden, sipping on my morning coffee...(shooing off the squirrels) is a great day for me.

37. Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings (like Love Actually) or last minute twist shocker suspense endings (like the Sixth Sense).

38. Winter or summer?
Summer, fall...sometimes winter...rarely spring.

39. Hugs or kisses?
Kisses...no, hugs...darn...no, kisses...argh...decisions! BOTH!

40. What is your favourite dessert?
Molten chocolate lava cake. (Homer Simpson drool noises).

41. Who is most likely to do this meme?
People who like to do meme's perhaps?

42. Who is the least likely to do this meme and comment?
Seriously...who asks these questions? Who cares??

43. What books are you reading?
Trying to plough my way through Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution. I don't find his writing style easy to read at all.
Just finished reading:
Jeffrey Archer's False Impression (very good)
Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (very very good)
and Tess Gerritsen's The Mephisto Club (very good).

44. What’s on your mouse pad?
I don't need a mouse pad I have an optical mouse plugged into the laptop because I don't like the laptop's built in mouse thingy. I don't feel like I have the same control.

45. What did you watch on TV last night?
I didn't watch TV last night.

46. Favourite smells?
Fresh baked bread. Fresh laundry. Lilac bushes. The Ocean. Fresh cut grass. Skin, fresh out of the shower. Fresh brewed coffee.

47. Favourite sounds?
Pounding surf. Seagulls. Thunder and lighting storms. Bagpipes (honestly! Hard to explain.)

48. Rolling Stones or Beatles?
Hands down, the fab four ...The Beatles.

49. What’s the furthest you’ve been from your home?

50. Do you have a special talent?
Nope. I do most things "well" or "good enough"...but nothing springs to mind that I excel at.

51. What is your ring tone?
Haven't a clue. I selected a ring tone off the generic list that came with the phone. I once tried to pick a tone to download off the web, spent literally hours browsing different sounds and tones...got frustrated at not being able to make a decision...and logged off without getting one. I don't get that many phone calls on my cell that it matters all that much.


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