January 5, 2007


The much dreaded day has arrived. (dum-de-dum-dummmmmm!)

Well I say dreaded, but I haven't exactly been a total basket case - like some I could mention. I work with women who have spent their entire fortieth birthdays in floods of tears hidden in the office washroom. Women like that totally infuriate me at times.

Forty so far feels pretty much the same as thirty-nine did yesterday to be honest! It's all a mental attitude. Getting my head around the idea of now being in my 40's and not my 30's...the idea that life is half over (assuming I make it to 80) is about the most morbid thought I have had so far, but I am not quite ready to pick up my seniors bus pass or reserve a plot at the local cemetery just yet.

Today's plans so far involve a little shopping, then dinner with the boy this evening (his treat!) and then out for drinks and dancing with J. and the girls tonight. Seems like a pretty good way to spend one's birthday if you ask me!


Snowbabies said...

Happy Birthday :-)

Have a top banana time tonight!

Paul & Debbie

JustSue said...

Thank you guys! I certainly plan on making my 40's fun, flirty and fabulous!

Jennyta said...

Happy birthday, Sue. Enjoy!