January 13, 2007

SWF seeks...

OK, so the new year of being single in the suburbs didn't exactly get of to a successful start, (we wont even touch on my date the other night) but we're hopeful, it's a new year, a new decade (pour moi), I'm optimistic, psyched up and ready to go, so bring 'em on! (Cue "Rocky" sound track)

My single gal pals all use online personals - we've all had varying degrees of success - J. in fact is currently in month 3 of a seeing a guy she met online and so far (touch wood) things seem to be going wonderfully for her. I am thrilled for her and a touch envious too - lol.

For me however it seems I attract the weirdos, the wackos, the ones who can't spell - well let me give you an example. This morning's mail box yielded the following gem from a gentleman I have never seen or spoken to before.

"lets have dinner or lunch to know each other more"

OK...straight...to the point...I will overlook the lack of punctuation, capital letters, salutations etc. Heck, do we even need to know the name of our dinner companions, honestly? I manage marvelously at work with "my dear" or "lovey" when I have totally blanked on somebodies name. So I clicked on my anonymous admirers profile, ready to have my heart whisked away in a frenzy of desire, lust and who cares if he doesn't punctuate his sentences...and this is what I found. In his "about me" section:

im 5'7high and 140lb and clean shaving head,watching hocey and soccer,swimming ,traveling,walking on the beach, eat differnet food.70/80/90/and200..... music and country musice fan too , ihave big tatoowatching mr beeb and funny movie, habs go habs go

Obviously my new friend had problems with spaces between words, spelling...er English even? I checked out his stats...ah, yes - he's oriental. Nothing against orientals, however if you re-read the ad with an Asian accent it does seem to flow a little nicer....(yes I am digging here for something positive to say). I think he means Mr. Bean, not "mr beeb". Either way, you can see what I mean when I say that pickings are slim to none. On the plus side however, he has managed to fit in the classic "walks on the beach" line. Gotta give him points for that oft-used gem.

I keep thinking of Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles in search of his "American girlfriend".


Snowbabies said...

LOL,boy the net is full of them.

I met Paul through ICQ/FEESCH and then we used to chat for hours on MSN.

We have been together 6 years on the 8th September.

I do beleive in miracles!!

Debbie x

JustSue said...

Oh I know the internet does work Debbie - it's how I met both "Maybe" and N. - in fact one of the girls from work got married last Friday to a gentleman she met online. I do however seem to be in need of a miracle or two.

You and Paul are living proof - 6 years and still giggling like newlyweds! You guys rock!

moon said...

As u also know, Chris and I are also newlyweds..met over 5 yrs go online..YES IT HAPPENS... I am rooting for u..I also love that u keep your positive self going with some great humour and take it all with a grain of salt, all good qualities...Anyone could be so lucky to be the one to turn your crank!

JustSue said...

Hehehehe Moonie...when I meet him I will tell him you said that! (The fella who turns my crank I mean, not the chap who sent me the email in this post.)

Anonymous said...

justsue - i find it rather ironic that you are complaining about people who cannot spell, and then use the word 'marvelously' [sic] and 'somebodies' [sic] as well as 'admirers' [singular or plural ? without an apostrophe, who can tell..].

No doubt people are making such first impressions based on your appalling lack of grammatical skill as well...

JustSue said...


Oh I am the first to admit from an academic standpoint my grammatical skills are somewhat lacking...oh ok, in your words, "appalling".

*hangs head and sends silent apology to Long-Duk-Dong*