January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

I think the Christmas season of 2006 will not be one that stands out in my memories as the best. The sore throat and tickly cough that had been bothering me all week, on the lead up to Christmas, decided to become a full fledged head cold by late Christmas Eve.

Christmas dinner was declared by the boy to be "delicious" - much to my surprise - after all I cooked it. I, on the other hand, couldn't taste a thing and my appetite was non-exsistant. He cleared his plate and I abandoned mine hardly touched. H'mmmm, the day I am off food, I am definitely sick. The rest of Christmas was spent on the couch. Roll of toilet paper within easy and frequent reach (we ran out of Kleenex). To say I felt like death warmed over would be accurate. Everything, including my teeth and eyelashes, ached.

Boxing Day I was supposed to drive to London (Ont.) with the boy to visit relatives. When I woke up however I knew it wasn't going to happen. I knew that sitting home feeling very sorry for myself would probably be the best medicine. So the boy headed off to London alone for the day with his car loaded with goodies ...and I did the combination of watch tv, sleep and drink endless cups of tea for the entire day. At one point (around the start of t.p. roll #3 of the day) I seriously started to wonder how one body could possibly produce so much mucous. It was disgusting and by pure physics alone I should now technically weigh a mere 100lbs after all the snot that has flowed from this body. I don't however, so sadly this wasn't the diet discovery of 2006.

By December 27th I was starting to feel we had turned a corner - I even ventured out of the house for the first time since the 24th. Still no tastebuds, still no appetite....and the Niagara Falls which was my nose had slowed somewhat to at least allow me to function.

December 28th was back to work. Still not 100%, but not sick enough in my books to be off work. Plus I felt I had milked all the sympathy at home dry and it was time to find new caring folk who would comisserate.

By December 29th I knew that any plans I might have, might make or might even want to make for New Year's Eve would not be including anything remotely party-ish and I had no real need of New Year's Day off (seniority has it's perks) so I cancelled my day off.

December 30th I discovered that we lost a significant number of people at work over Christmas due to a flu virus that is going around the office. Staffing numbers are such that several people are being forced into mandatory overtime just to keep the centre running on our minimum numbers. Thought you were going to be off New Year's Eve in time to celebrate with family and friends? Ha! Fool!

December 31st - I skipped dinner completely, as I now fear I have picked up the stomach bug that is going around work. Spent the evening between the couch and the loo feeling decidedly nauceous - was in bed by 8:30pm, having decided to accept 7:00pm my time as midnight in England and that was good enough for me!

New Year's Day - 4am, good morning ....sheesh I bet everyone is still sauced and sleeping it off - whereas some of us (over dramatic sigh), who are considered essential services, have to get up and go to work. Nausea is gone, I think, touch wood. Still a bit congested but it's nothing compared to a few days ago.

Still mentally going over my New Year's Resolutions - hopped on the scale this morning and was pleased to see that I made it through Christmas and New Year's without putting on any weight...on the alarming side I haven't lost any either...grrrr. I also managed to make it through the entire Christmas season without a drop of alcohol. Didn't feel up to it or just didn't feel in the mood - eitherway we have tons of wine and spirits that haven't been touched. H'mmm save for the birthday celebration perhaps?

....anyways, Happy New Year to all! Here's hoping 2007 brings us much happiness, great friends, prosperity and most importantly (as I have discovered these past few days) HEALTH!


Snowbabies said...

Happy New Year

We hope you are feeling better, we both had the dreaded cold the week before xmas and it still aint gone....yukkie....

Ps its good when you come out of the season and the weight is still the same, got on the scales this morning not lost but not put on....yippee

Debbie & Paul .x.

Lou Lou said...

happy new year honey
it seems that bug is travelling the world glad to hear you're on the mend may 2007 bring you much love luck and happiness (and a man!!!!!)

JustSue said...

Debbie & Paul: Happy New Year and thank you! I have to confess you are both my role models for healthy living and lifestyle this year! You are proof that it can be done. You guys rock!!

Lou-Lou: Happy New Year to you too doll! Hope you had fun - and thank you for the good wishes ... especially about the man part!! LOL