November 5, 2006

900 channels, and bugger all on!

My local cable company is a multimillion dollar corporation covering not only cable tv, but high speed internet services and more recently venturing into the home phone market. As a result I will often get promotional materials in the mail advertising specials, incentives and "bundle prices" to switch from Bell Canada (my phone and internet provider) to Rogers. Thus far I have resisted.

A few days ago I got a visit from a door to door salesperson from the aforementioned cable company. They had a special offer...(no thank you)...Was I not interested in their internet services? (no thank you)..They also had their home phone services...(no thank you)....and they could bundle all three of them for me at a cheaper rate...(NO, thank you). Would I be interested in additional cable tv channels free for 3 months? (NO, free?)

I already subscribe and pay out the ying-yang for cable tv. We get all the local cable stations, and Buffalo the feeds from the stateside mega the Movie plus plus. It's not cheap...and I still don't get "all" the channels, there are a few more "specialty" channels that I wouldn't mind getting, but the next package up would take my cable bill to well over $100 a month, and I am sorry I refuse point blank to pay that kind of money for TV channels. If anything, I was actually considering canceling a few of the extras to bring the bill DOWN from it's current level.

This doorstep temptress however had a cable package offer, all sports, all movies, all specialty channels. EVERYTHING up to channel for 3 months. Free History Channel...Free Biography Channel...Free MTV...the list goes on... Unbeknownst to her she dangled the proverbial carrot. The temptation I could not resist. My Achilles heel.

I signed on the spot.

I've sold my soul to the devil - and the next 3 months promise to be heaven. I will have to be strong enough at the end of January to call them to cancel the extras or they will start billing...and naturally they are gambling though on the hope that I wont be able to give up the extra programming. I am made of strong British stuff though - and we will sob, wring our hands and wail in grief when the time comes...but for now let's celebrate, for there is much to watch, catch up on...and the Christmas TV season is just around the corner...raise a glass and a cheer for I have BBC Canada for Christmas!!

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gemmak said...

Lol.... is the strong British stuff gonna be strong enough tho? I did exactly that with 'Sky'....and somehow my resolve left me at the expiry of the free fact it left me for 3 years!

On the up side tho, I never watch TV anymore so maybe i wont go to hell! heh.