November 25, 2006

Commuter girl

I don't consider myself a "slow" driver...but apparently I am not a fast driver least not in the eyes of my carpool members. We were a little late getting out of work this afternoon (I got tied up on a last call) and I was driving home, very much aware that my two passengers had evening plans with their significant others.

C. leant over, cell phone in hand, and snapped a picture of my speedometer. I gave him the quizzical look...a kinda "wtf?" He just smiled and said G. (missing member of our pool today) would never believe I was doing 130 kms if he didn't have proof. Brat! I indignantly pointed out that if he had checked a little earlier he would in fact have seen I got up to 140!

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it! Cheek!

For the record, the speed limit is 100...and I tend to sit at around 115-120kms.

Ironic really considering G. has just gotten his car back after his 2nd accident in less than a year.


Jennyta said...

Tell him to walk next time, Sue! On a more serious note, over here in North Wales they crack down hard on drivers who break the speed limit. There are speed cameras all over the place. :(

JustSue said...

They are relatively strict here too. 20 kms over isn't excessive however and is considered the norm. In fact there is a movement afoot to raise the speed limit on the highway. Enforcement on city streets is considerably stricter.

moon said...

ha! and how many accidents have u had this yr? hmmmm?..They never learn lol