November 20, 2006

Hey brother, can you spare a di...bear?

Well, there's no fighting it, Christmas is just around the corner. We can avoid the shopping malls, plug our ears to the syrupy advert jingles playing on the radio, but there is no escaping it. Santa is aboard his steamrollering juggernaut sleigh of commercialism and he's barrelling down the festive motorway - destination Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!

Every year at work we take up a charity and make this the Season of Giving. Emergency Services personnel - Police, Ambulance and Fire - are reknowned for their generosity and big hearts and this year for us in the Radio Room is no exception. We're a soft touch, especially where kids are concerned - and speaking of soft touches (and you think I just throw this stuff together?) we are once again collecting teddy bears for the Gate House.

We have a house in the city that we use specifically for interviewing child victims of crime, specifically child victims of abuse and sexual assault. The children feel safer and less intimidated in a house setting as opposed to a big (and oft times smelly) police station. When the children arrive at the house they will find bears and assorting cuddly pals in every room. Sitting all the way up the stairs, climbing up the bannisters, hanging out on the comfy sofas...(you get the idea). Each child is allowed to pick a special furry friend to hang on to during the interview, and when the ordeal is finally over they can take their new friend home with them.

So ...(finally getting to the reason behind this post)...I got off work this morning after working the night shift and decided I needed to go find a furry pal looking for a new home...


It's just a little thing...but it gives my heart a warm glow.


Josh Houghtelin said...

That sounds like a great idea. I'm not very big into the Holiday season since I live so far away from my family so I'm definitely going to buy some toys for the local charities.

That Teddy bear house you guys have sounds awesome. Time for me to find out what kind of cool stuff our local police and fire are doing.

JustSue said...

Absolutely! Most police stations and fire halls around here will accept unwrapped children's gifts and non-perishable food items at this time of year.

Good going Josh!