November 7, 2006

Fat guy walks into a bar...

A couple of people had the "Oprah Show" on the lunchroom TV yesterday, when I came in on a break. They were already mid-way through the show - I had missed the big Kirstie Alley bikini reveal, so I asked my co-workers how she had looked.

My co-workers were far from kind. Some suggested that Kirstie may have fibbed a little on her starting weight, that she had been far bigger than the 220lbs that she is claiming. Deciding that she must have initially mislead the public (and I am not aware if the 220lb claim is true) my co-workers immediately discounted the reported 75 lb weight loss as "nothing".

Regardless of her true starting weight, the woman deserves to be highly commended for not only losing 75lbs...but losing 75lbs in the public eye. Sure, she has been compensated for being a Jenny Craig spokesperson - as have many other celebs who have promoted one diet or another over the years - but that in itself doesn't make the actual feat of losing the weight any easier. At the end of the day, be you Duchess, actress or the average Jane Doe, when you close your front door at night it's just you, your demons and the fridge, home alone all night long.

Oprah's second guest was a young lady who had once been over 300lbs...and was now down over 170lbs. My co-workers consider her a "cheater" though as she'd had gastric by-pass surgery. They totally dismissed the struggle this poor woman had endured and assumed that the surgery was the "magic cure". Assuming that she would've had to have done no work at all to attain her results. I know there are people out there who would have been only too quick to disagree that losing weight via gastric by-pass is any walk in the park.

By now I had stomached all the fat comments from my co-workers that I could handle (pun intended) and I needed to find a more peaceful place to complete my break before waddling back into the frey of emergency calls.

That more peaceful place could have been this fat girl sitting on my co-workers windpipes until they turned blue...but I was taught to play nice, think before speaking and consider other people's feeling, when I was growing up.

Too bad.


moon said...

I saw that show. It took alot of guts for her to walk out like that and those dorks u work with wouldnt do that for a million dollars I would bet. lol..and one thing I did like is that she wasn't PERFECT but she looked awesome. She was a curvy, voluptuous woman that looked great in a bathing suit. We only ever see the skinny, boney models with suits on ..this was a nice change. and BRAVO to Kirstey!

Anonymous said...

i have been getting pissed off all week when i read people's blog posts about 'how fat her thighs looked,' or some other such nonsense.

it makes me even more pissed when it's women who are saying these things.

i'm just going to post some pictures of my thighs, and then a picture of me sticking my middle finger up at the internet.
would that be rude?