November 12, 2006

Saturday daytime

My friends and I had plans last night, so naturally the first exclamation of the morning was, "I have nothing to wear!" I hit the mall and three major department stores and a handful of boutiques later, I am getting mightily dejected - there is nothing I love, can find to fit...or can afford. The one top I did love, was a heck of a lot more than I was willing to pay.

On the drive home I decided that I surely to goodness must have something hanging in my closet and what I in fact needed was a good sort out. So I spent the afternoon going through my closet, dressers etc. Time to rediscover forgotten treasures.

It was a wonderful afternoon, with mental strolls down memory lane, things I have hung onto for sentimental reasons...and things I should never have bought in the first At the end of it all though, I had a full garbage bag of clothes to drop off at the Salvation Army store and a real satisfied feeling inside of having done something good - both for me and for someone less fortunate.

I still didn't have anything to wear however. (sigh)

I will save details about the dance for another post, I am waiting on someone emailing me a few photos of the night.

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Andy said...

"I still didn't have anything to wear however." - quote

Next time that happens, wrap a towel around yourself and drive over to my house and I'll show you what that kind of outfit is good for ;)