November 3, 2006

Award Winning Hair

I think I have found a new hairdresser that...what for it... (drumroll please)....I actually like!

Yes, I am dumbfounded also. It's still early days, but for once I didn't leave the salon thinking "It will look better once I have done it myself."

Angie is the owner of the Ultimate Cut Salon in a neighbouring town west of here. I found her quite by accident. Having tried more traditional methods, referrals by friends (x2), prettiest ad in the yellow pages (x1), closest salon to home (x1), nicest looking salon from the outside (x1) and the infamous - I was passing and thoughts I'd pop in for a trim (x1) - I actually found this hairdresser in my local newspaper. Every year my local rag runs their "Readers Choice Awards" covering everything from favourite local restaurants to mechanics. This year Angie's Salon was nominated and won for best hair salon. I figured that was a good enough recommendation for me as any.

The irony is her salon is nestled in a tiny strip plaza that I have never been to before. Unassuming frontage that certainly doesn't grab the passerby off the street either. If it hadn't been for the Readers Choice Awards I certainly would never have found her.

Instead of sitting me in her chair, hair dripping down my back from the shampoo, cracking gum and asking me what I wanted, she actually made suggestions. Suggested styles to elongate and slim my face (yes, I love her already)...and declared that we needed to show off my eyes and my fabulous cheekbones. I stared in the mirror...I have cheekbones? You can see them? Where? Show me!

She showed me how to quick style my hair straight out the shower, towel dried with a blob of mousse and to style it when I have time to blow dry for a more polished professional look...and finally how to dress it up for nights out on the town and give it that little sexy pizzaz.

I sat in awe as this little Italian dynamo fussed and primped my do. Her people skills matched her hair skills. She talks....more importantly she listens. All women need a good hairdresser to talk to. I told her about my son...she told me about her two kids. I told her I was dreading 40...she told me 40 was easy, she just turned 45. She thinks I need to plan a celebration. Something special - a weekend away with girlfriends or a special dinner/party affair. I told her about the new house...she's so excited for me, tells me what a great town I am moving to - she actually lives there too - and she can tell me all the neat places around town to find. My lord we covered everything in just over 30 minutes and I was back out on the sidewalk looking chic and feeling like I was fresh from a therapy session. And the best part? She only charged $35! I have paid twice as much for far less in the past. Yup, she's a keeper!


moon said...

ARG!!!The whole time I was smilingly reading this I was also thinking...(hope she has a pic of her new doo at the bottom) I am officially stamping my foot! Where's the hair? better yet, we...I..want to see the 3 diff fixes she talked about lol..the quick out of the shower, blowdryed and the dressy...this will serve as a great learning tool and practice to implement said exercises lol... ..I HEARD THAT..(yes I am a bitch) LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, photos please!

JustSue said...

All in good time...lemme see what I can come up with on my days off.