November 4, 2006

Free gift with purchase

A few weeks back I blogged on the topic of perfume. Well I finally made a purchase yesterday - not due to lack of decision making power (as is ususally the norm...I am a slave to my indecisiveness). Heck no! In fact I already had my planned purchase "pre-ordered and pre-paid" at my local department store perfume counter. The reason in fact for my delay was waiting for the November sales promotion to start that included...."Gift With Purchase"! I am such a freebie whore at times, but nothing says Christmas to me like the perfume counter's Christmas "extras".

Here's what I would have gotten for my $65 Cdn plus taxes in October.

And here's what I got yesterday for the same price.

It's not rocket science.


Lou Lou said...

thatsa fabby freebie u jammy thing

reesie said...

Dang!! That's an awesome deal, can't say as I blame you!

gemmak said...

Ohhhh... fab 'freebie',I used to love that with days of affording such things are long over now tho, it's Rimmel for me now if I'm lucky! heh.

moon said...

WOW..what a deal...I love seeing all the xmas extra's come out at this time of yr, but franky thats one of the most impressive I have seen in a long did GOOD!!!LOL