November 2, 2006

House news

I phoned my contact with the builder yesterday. Just to touch base, say hi...and enquire casually if my closing date is carved in stone despite signing everything on the sales offer a million and one times - in triplicate.

Yes, I am getting impatient.

And Mr Jones (yes, HIM) really seems to like to tell everyone when his closing date is ...and when mine is...and to then point out that my house will actually will be ready before his ...but he is taking possession first. Argh...he really is starting to bug me with his infantile one-up-manship.

The one bit of information I did learn however was that the builder wont be servicing the land this fall as previously hoped, but will now be waiting until after the ground thaws in the spring. So we are looking at April for the servicing of the land, and construction is scheduled to begin in June. No one has exactly explained it to me, but I assume "servicing" means stuff like leveling it, installing sewer pipes, gas lines, power lines, construction roads etc.

So no new house photos 'til April. (boo-hiss)

I am wondering however if that means I have longer to save for construction upgrades. Originally they had wanted the $$ for upgrades for items such as the Oasis of Luxury in November, prior to the start of construction. Well, seeing as that construction date is now April/June, my logic says...

Jones was at the design centre this past weekend with Mrs. Jones to look at tile, carpeting etc. He advised me going on the weekend was not the best idea - the words "sardines in a can" come to mind. He also told me that the builder hasn't selected their vendors yet for tile, carpeting, cabinetry etc. yet for our development. On the plus side however he was able to tell me that if I am looking to have the storage/cold cellar excavated in the basement as shown on the plans, it will cost me another $1500-plus.

Sigh - I may as well just move a cot into work and be done with it - redirect my mail there, it looks like I will be doing a lot more overtime, for a lot longer.


Andy said...

"Yes, I am getting impatient." - quote

I must have boobs on the brain because I read that "Yes, I am getting implants" and I thought to myself for a second before I re-read it: "Why the h3ll would she get implants she has great big, lovely, lucious, edible titties as it is". Then I re-read it and realized what you had really said and felt slightly embarassed. :)

JustSue said...

Andy - that comment litterally made me lol.

Can't decide which you need more, reading 101 or an eye exam.