November 1, 2006


The Boy's




He says my cat had "nards" ....I thought it looked like a big belly. (Yes, I am still looking up the meaning of "nards" but I think I know what he was trying to say).

Last year I ran out of this year I bought more. I sat and bagged 80 loot bags of goodies - plus extras in case even that wasn't enough.

I sat at the foot of the stairs, reading a book and sipping a glass of wine to save from keep getting up from the living room every time the door bell rang.

The turn out last night as abysmal. I have over 30 loot bags left and a ton of loose funsize candy bars. Think I will take the left overs into work. Ever seen an emergency dispatcher on a sugar rush? It ain't pretty.


Jay said...

The thought of a good book and a glass of wine actually sounds like an ingenious way to spend the night.

JustSue said...

Jay, It was wonderful (except for sitting on the uncomfortable stairs, in the drafty hallway..with the cats miaowing at me quite concerned and confused.

Tess Gerritsen's The Mephisto Club and a glass of white wine!

moon said...

Well, was worse here...since I moved to this house, I was getting maybe 10 kids in all..but my nice neighbours have 3 kids so I always do 3 Super bags with special things in them just for them...and THEY DIDN'T EVEN COME! lol...I got about 6 kids all evening.
At my last address, I would do the whole front yard as a graveyard, with bones coming out of the ground, spider webs all over, a skull on a plate at the door that laughted manically, etc, was really cool, and my pumpkins always had ppl taking photos and coming back the next day to ask if they could use them for their parties lol...we had atleast 200 kids come...I LOVED IT...
Sighhhhhh...Dem were the days

JustSue said...

Funny you should say that Moonie. A lot of people at work yesterday were commenting on the LACK of trick or treaters. We cant decide if the tradition is dying out, or it's just because we live in such a cosmopolitan melting pot that our new immigrant neighbours just aren't familiar with or adopting our traditions or community acitivites.

They cynic in me however points out that the get off the boat ready to adopt our other social traditions, namely the welfare system benefits and free healthcare.

Perhaps there are some WASP neighbourhoods out there who are still getting in excess of 100-200 kids for Hallowe'en, but here in the urban jungle unfortunatly the tradition is in it's final death throes.