November 17, 2006

What else have you got to do?


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I love games. I think if I had been born in the late 80's like my son, instead of the (cough) late 60's I would have been a total game playing geek. I would have been one of those crazy people lined up outside of Best Buy this morning for the new Sony Playstation 3. We actually got calls at work this morning about drunken louts pushing in line, insisting that they would be getting a PS3. Normally pacifists, let me tell you there is nothing like a pissed off geek who has been camping on the sidewalk for the past three days, being pushed around by a drunken neanderthal, to bring out the inner blood elf warrior. Aieeeeeeeee!


JustSue said...

My best time is 53 seconds. Argh!

Amanda said...

I love games. Though I do suck at the one you posted. I love the PS games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but there is no way I would camp to pay $600 bucks for a PS3. I am poor, and lack the attention span needed to wait.