November 10, 2006

I only came in for a loaf of bread...

You know that feeling? You drop by the grocery store for just a loaf of bread or maybe some milk...and $200 later you are pushing a fully laden trolley back out to the car, wondering what the hell just happened.??

That pretty much happened to me this morning, except at Canadian Tire. I'd nipped out for a new hairdryer - the old one had exposed electrical wires and my "back up" hairdryer overheated and burnt out on me two days ago. If you are wondering about the need for a "back up" hairdryer, then you have obviously never a) seen how thick my hair is (as one over heats switch to the other one)...and b) never grew up in the 80's (the bigger the hair the better, volume baby, volume!). Owning 2 hairdryers is a definite requirement in this household, and I was now down to zero.

It turns out I had stumbled in on a grand reopening at my local store, after a major refurbishment. There were people god, don't these people have jobs? It's mid-Friday-morning for crying out loud - not Saturday afternoon. They had a couple of grand reopening fun events too, including one of those cash kiosks where you stand inside and try to grab cash as they blow it around inside. I always wondered what one of those would be like, but after looking at the amount of cash one man managed to grab, I could see that it wasn't worth the time or effort. The actual amount you can grab is minimal. Instead I filled out a couple of ballots for a prize draw (one for me, one for the boy) to win a mountain bike.

I found a hairdryer - which was on sale 50% off ($9.99). Sweet! This should have been my cue to exit the store and head home...but this was a sale...resistance is futile.

I had originally promised myself that I wouldn't start buying stuff for the new house until we had actually moved. I don't see the point in storing it, to move it. But then every so often you get a bargain ...or two....that blink up at you whispering "Take me home"...and you just can't help it.

In this case it was a Lagostina cookware set, originally $400 - on sale for $199 with a further reopening special reduction to $149 with an additional instant rebate of $50 Canadian Tire Money cashback. Bottomline? I got a really super-nice quality saucepan set for $99. Cha-ching.

Y'know I actually debated on picking up another set for the boy - for when he finally moves out - but I realised a) he's a boy...they don't need "bottom drawer" or "hope chest" items b) he doesn't cook and c) he would have absolutely no appreciation for Lagostina...and can make do with cheap, nasty, Visionware that causes everything to stick and burn... the same as we all did when we first started out in life.

Add to my purchases a fry pan (75% 0ff) and a new welcome mat, and it was time to hit Walmart.

I needed Q-tips and catfood.

Apparently I also needed a few other items and the following hopped into my trolley...I haven't a clue how they ended up there. A new nightie for moi, Polly World Rockin' Theme Park for my niece for Christmas, and kitty litter.

At this point I was in a Christmas shopping mood and ended up at Best Buy where I picked up Need for Speed - Carbon - Own the City for my nephew who just bought himself a Nintendo DS with his birthday money.

For saying I went out for a hairdryer, Q-tips and a few cans of cat took 4 trips from the car to the house to unload it all.

On the bright side however, I have put a dent in my Christmas shopping.


moon said...

Reading that first paragraph..I was ready to say..U WENT WHILE HUNGRY! lol..We have all done it ...even though we know u should never go grocery shopping when hungry lol.
As for the hair dryer..Sue...u really need to get a GOOD one, all the dryers they sell in the mainstream market are garbage..specially for someone with thick wonder u have always needed a backup...even 50$ ones arent very good. I honestly suggest u ask you hairdresser where she buys hers..or go to a salon supply store. Some provinces wont allow someone without a hairdresser liscense to buy in them. I don't know about Ont. Some salons even sell them. Yes you will pay a good 100$...ok, get up off the ground Sue I KNOW its more then you're used to paying but I guarantee that u will have it for ATLEAST 10 yrs..AND it will do a way better job in drying that thick main and NOT over heat. Hairdressers use their dryers all day, and they last yrs.They also have to be very hot in order to get clients done as fast as possible. Time is money. My last one lasted 16 yrs..and the one I have now is going on 7 yrs when u think of the value for money they are less expensive in the long run......once u try drying your hair with a REAL one, u will be *BLOWN* away lmao..and it will take u half the time if not even less then with one of those others. Keep your new one for trips or whatever lol. OK, I will shut up now lol.

reesie said...

I have to agree with Monette on this one, I have a professional dryer that i've used for almost 5 years now, and it doesn't show a sign of wearing down. I got it at Sally's beauty supply on the discount table and it was still over $50! Well worth it though in the long run! And (don't kick me) i've had my christmas shopping done for over a month, first time i've EVER accomplished that, i'm famous for the week before christmas going store hopping!

JustSue said...

Yanno're right. I have a beauty supply outlet up the road from me, I'll check it out. I am not sure about the licensed hairdresser thing in Ontario...but I'll let you know!

Reesie: Done? Egads! I bow down in awe and admiration girlie!

Amanda said...

Early Christmas shoppers, know the depth of my disgust.

True shopping is meant to be done a week before christmas.

JustSue said...

Look at it this way Amanda...they are getting your birthday present shopping done nice!

I personally like to get my shopping done early enough that I can browse the mall at my leisure on the last week before Christmas, soak up the ambience of the season...and inwardly laugh at all the people who left it to the last minute.

Anonymous said...

i have a professional hair dryer, and i still have a back-up. it simply is too frightening to have to think that there is any chance in hell that i might one day have to expose the world to the sight of my hair as god made it.